about us

At The King & I we strive to provide the highest standard of service and expertise for every single one of our clients. Our passion is hair, and when we say "our" we mean each individual member of our team. From everyday cuts and colours in the salon with our incredible clients to the not so everyday photoshoots for award ceremonies and magazine articles, we put all our creative ambitions into all these moments and mean it when we say we love it all.  Situated on Norton High Street we give the entirety of our attention to anyone who walks through our doors.
All of our team members come from the highest standard of training in both hair colour and styling and also in customer service. We understand when you book in with our award-winning stylists that you want them to commit to spending time on your hair, that's why we have introduced hourly appointments meaning they will devote as much time as humanly possible from their day to you and you only. So feel free to visit us for a complementary consultation and beverage and relax in our welcoming atmosphere.